vineri, 18 mai 2012

Suntem in grafic cu primul nostru mare proiect, dar Gilles nu ne uita si este alaturi de noi, ca si Comisia Europeana , de altfel.Pentru ca ne transmit sa avem un mare succes, le transmitem si noi Salutari din Giurgiu! Veti avea o surpriza placuta.

Dear Ionel MUSCALU,

Your « Green Week 2012 satellite event » is coming soon!...

Water: the essence of life. Water's route from source to tap, and from tap to wastewater treatment plant.
Date and timing:
22 May 2012, 10:30-15:30
Str. UZINEI, No. 2, Giurgiu (Romania)

May I remind you to use the Posters and/or the Promotional materials in order to ensure a good branding of your Green Week 2012 satellite event: on the door, at the registration desk, at the water installation, on the podium, etc.

Meanwhile, notice that European Commission’s DG Environment is currently setting up the Green Week 2012 in Brussels, which will open in just one week from now, i.e. next Tuesday 22 May 2012!

I wish you a great success to your “Green Week 2012 satellite event” on water!

Best regards,
 Gilles Vaille

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